Why Jensen Stump Grinders?

Jensen stump grinders stand out in the market for their exceptional durability and versatility, offering unparalleled efficiency in tackling even the largest stumps with ease.  Their innovative design sets them apart with features like additional cutting tips on the wheel coupled with optimal spacing between the teeth. Each tooth is secured with a single bolt, facilitating quick and effortless replacement, a task easily accomplished with a hex key. The teeth can only be fitted in one direction, eliminating the need for complex adjustments and ensuring precise setup every time, thus minimising the likelihood of errors during installation.

Efficient & Precise

Jensen stump grinders boast full hydraulic functionality, enabling smooth movement on hydraulically adjustable tracks and complete control via radio remote. The cutting capabilities of the SCX50D extend approximately 360mm above and 400mm below the stump. While the SCX70D offers a cutting area of approximately 300mm above and 580mm below the stump. With a generous swing arc of 1650mm, the cutter wheels exhibit remarkable capacity in processing even the largest root stocks with efficiency and precision.

Unmatched Performance

Jensen stump grinders offer unmatched performance, combining robust construction with user-friendly features for enhanced productivity. Whether you’re tackling residential or commercial projects, these machines deliver the power and precision needed to effectively grind down stumps of varying sizes. Making them an indispensable tool for landscaping professionals and arborists alike.

Jensen Stump Grinders: Specifications

Engine Hatz Silent 50hp Diesel Hatz Silent 64hp Diesel
Track Width (Retracted) 780mm 780mm
Track Width (Extended) 1170mm 1170mm
Driving Speed Approx 4km/h Approx 4km/h
Dimensions (Length x Height) 3200mm x 1350mm 3400mm x 1900mm
Weight 1800kg 1900kg
Engine Tank Capacity Approx 60L Approx 60L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity Approx 85L Approx 85L
Cutter Wheel Diameter 568mm 722mm
Cutter Wheel Strength 20mm 20mm
Number of Cutting Teeth 8 10
Cutter Wheel Swing Arc 1650mm 1650mm
Workdepth under Planum 400mm 580mm
Workdepth over Planum 360mm 300mm
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