The A141 XL 12″ chipper can reduce your large timber quickly and easily, working through up to 35m3 per hour.

Available either with a diesel engine or PTO system, the A141 XL is mounted with a turntable on a twin chassis, and is one of the largest disc chippers in the Jensen range.

✔ Towable

✔ Tracked


✔ Turntable

Jensen A141 XL: Features

  • Robust housing with silencing equipment and sound reducing paint
  • 270 rotating chute
  • Integrated storage box
  • Hydraulic infeed rollers
  • Safety bar
  • Optional electronic safety sensors for immediate switch off
  • Fitted tool box with comprehensive toolkit included
  • Control box to record hours and servicing intervals
  • Galvanised steel chassis

Road Towable Version

  • Single or twin axle 80km/h
  • Height adjustable drawing bar
  • Turntable version available – 270


PTO Version

  • Three point linkage cat. I, or single axle 25 or 80km/h
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • Fixed or 2 x 90 turntable option


Tracked Version

  • Fixed tracks
  • Hydraulic adjustable variable tracks option available on request
  • 3 km/h speed

Jensen A141 XL: Specifications

Engine 75 kW / 102 HP 82hp power required 75 kW / 102 HP
Feed Roller Aperture (W x H) 410 x 300mm 410 x 300mm 410 x 300mm
Adjustable Chip Length 5-20mm 5-20mm 5-20mm
Flywheel Dimensions 1060 x 40mm 1060 x 40mm 1060 x 40mm
Flywheel Weight 385kg 385kg 385kg
Number of Blades 2 2 2
Capacity ca. 35m3/h ca. 35m3/h ca. 35m3/h
Infeed Hopper (W x H) 1370 x 840mm 1370 x 840mm 1370 x 840mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5200 x 2300 x 3100mm 2600 x 1700 x 2900mm Specialist construction
Weight 3050kg 1850kg 3050kg
Jensen WoodchippersA141 XL