The A328 offers the most efficient diesel engine in the 37-56kW range from Jensen, compact, low weight and powered by a 2 litre, water cooled 4 cylinder engine.

It’s solid feed rollers handle woody brash and timber up to 220mm, making it an asset for anybody who processes large volumes of high quality chip, saving you time and money.

The A328 is available with a turntable on a single or twin chassis, and with mobility of the 270 degree turntable the machine can be loaded from any side, ensuring the safety of operators and others nearby.

✔ Towable

✔ Tracked


✔ Turntable

Jensen A328: Features

  • Robust housing with silencing equipment and sound reducing paint
  • 270 degree rotating chute
  • Integrated storage box
  • Hydraulic infeed rollers
  • Safety bar
  • Optional electronic safety sensors for immediate switch off
  • Fitted tool box with comprehensive toolkit included
  • Control box to record hours and servicing intervals
  • Galvanised steel chassis

Road Towable Version

  • Single or twin axle 80km/h
  • Height adjustable draw bar
  • Inline or 270∘ turntable options


PTO Version

  • 3 point linkage cat. I, or single axle 25 or 80 km/h
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • Fixed or 2 x 90 turntable option


Tracked Version

  • Fixed tracks
  • Hydraulic adjustable variable tracks option available on request
  • 3 km/h speed

Jensen A328: Specifications

Engine Kubota 50 kW / 68 HP 68hp power required Kubota 50 kW / 68 HP
Feed Roller Aperture (W x H) 280 x 220mm 280 x 220mm 280 x 220mm
Adjustable Chip Length 5-20mm 5-20mm 5-20mm
Flywheel Dimensions 820 x 35mm 820 x 35mm 820 x 35mm
Flywheel Weight 170kg 170kg 170kg
Number of Blades 2 2 2
Capacity ca. 25m3/h ca. 25m3/h ca. 25m3/h
Infeed Hopper (W x H) 1150 x 860mm 1150 x 860mm 1150 x 860mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4400 x 2000 x 2800mm 2350 x 1350 x 2700mm 3400 x 1400 x 2800mm
Weight 2000kg 900kg 2300kg
Jensen WoodchippersA328